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James May details ’embarrassing’ scene cut from Our Man in Italy ‘Didn’t make it’

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JAMES MAY has opened up about filming an “embarrassing” scene for his new Amazon Prime series, Our Man in Italy, which ended up being cut from the show.

James May returned earlier this month with the premiere of his brand-new Our Man in Italy Amazon Prime series. The Grand Tour presenter returned after the popularity of his previous series, Our Man in Japan, and traveled throughout Italy while taking on a variety of challenges. James said that one sequence in particular didn’t make the final cut when speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other media outlets. The former Top Gear star said, “Well, there was a really embarrassing portion that hasn’t made it which was some dressing up,” as he recalled “the most awful” exercise he had to participate in. James started making mention of the edited scene. “For some reason, the crew likes to dress me up; they’re almost a little kinky.”regarding it

“The components in…

Canoe polo would probably be the most embarrassing situation if you had been able to see the entire thing because I can’t fit in the canoe.

I’ve only ever paddled a canoe twice in my life, and that was a long time ago, he continued.

“I was competing against a lot of women who were 18 and 19 years old, and I didn’t really fit [in the boat].

“To be perfectly honest, I felt a little pervy. Perhaps this is because I have assimilated into the woke era, but it didn’t seem right.

“I looked awful in the…

Not one of those wetsuits… those leggings. I simply had a terrible ballerina appearance.

The presenter continued, “That was the most embarrassing.” Being on television is embarrassing, so it’s all very embarrassing.

When questioned about turning down requests from his superiors, the 59-year-old acknowledged: “Oh, God sure, all the time.

I constantly say, “I’d like to do this, this, and this,” and they grudgingly let me do those things, but then the crew and producers surprise me.

“If I have no idea what is coming next, it just makes for great television.”

James went on to remark, “If I were left to my own devices, I would do craft, painting, look at some historic structures, and I would explore some spas. The cast and producers essentially want me to injure myself, dress up, and have a bad time.
James saw some of Italy’s well-known sites and participated in some of its customs throughout Our Man in Italy.
He also wanted to learn more about Italy’s food, industry, culture, and even a little bit of sport while he was there.

In one episode, James produced a whole English breakfast pizza, which shocked an Italian cook.
The chef saw the presenter break an egg on top of his pizza and groaned, “I am stunned.”
The coronavirus outbreak put the series in peril when James’ program was renewed last year.
He was previously intended to take viewers to America, but program producers had to abruptly alter their plans due to constraints.
The automotive enthusiast has promised supporters that he expects to bring his exhibition to the US very soon despite the setback.

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