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Shock exit? Coronation Street’s Mikey North reveals if Gary will pay for Rick’s death

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In previous episodes, the former builder encountered a similar perilous situation when it appeared that the truth might be revealed.

Gary quickly realizes Kelly’s (Millie Gibson) life is in jeopardy after meeting one of Rick’s former clients, and he heads over to Keiran’s to find her.

Gary decides to use violence in order to defend Kelly because he is unable to comply with Keiran’s demands (he wants money, obviously).

However, Kelly is astounded by how far Gary is willing to go when the red mist truly begins to descend.

Kelly has doubts following the ordeal, but might she learn the truth behind Rick’s passing and force Gary to finally take responsibility?

Mikey North shared the following with us:

“I always believed that if Rick’s associates learned, they would forgive him,” said Laura once she learned the truth. So, I guess if Kelly ever learned of it and found it in her heart to forgive him, I don’t know if it would be possible, but I guess if Rick’s closest friends and family were able to do so, hopefully everyone else would be as well.

capable of The future?

He’s obviously adopted Kelly, and he’s beginning to care for her as if she were his own daughter. The fact that he is taking care of her, in my opinion, can also contribute to his redemption. When Laura was near death, he took her on as well. Time will tell, but hopefully he’s making enough progress to earn some sort of redemption. During our conversation, Mikey also considered the future and wondered what Kelly and his neighbors would think if they found out he was a murderer:
“I have no idea at all. I suppose it’ll be enormous once it occurs, and I suppose that’s what we’re finally working towards: the evolution of Gary and Kelly’s relationship. I’m interested to see how everything will play out with

that pair.

When it does happen, it will be even more explosive as they get closer to one another.

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