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 spoilers this week: EastEnders double death shock, Emmerdale baby injured, Hollyoaks stabbing, Coronation Street kidnap

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One recurring character on Hollyoaks is left battling for their life in disturbing scenes as the knife-crime plot gets off to a real start, and Ben Mitchell drops the mother of all bombshells on EastEnders.

Amelia Spencer, who is in care of the infant Thomas in Emmerdale, passes out while watching him tumble to the ground.

Kelly Neelan is abducted by some of her father’s old friends on Coronation Street, but will Gary Windass be able to save her in time?

For what seems to be a week not to be missed for our favorite serial dramas, we’ve got all the most recent spoilers, so sit back, unwind, and read up on what’s happening.

Kelly’s kidnap horror in Coronation Street

Gary is really worried that Kelly hasn’t come home, especially after Aadi says that Kelly was going to see an old client of Rick’s. Kelly is imprisoned in a cellar in the meantime, but Gary finds her and reveals that he put a tracker in the money bag. Will Kelly and Gary survive the kidnapper Kieron’s use of a crowbar to break up the scene?

Ben confesses to murder in EastEnders

Kheerat steps in when Ben makes a scene at Peggy’s. He takes him back to the Panesars so Ash may examine him after realizing he is high. Ben, however, declines their assistance and, as his remorse mounts, confesses to killing Jags to the Panesars.

David catches Leyla out in Emmerdale

David believes Leyla isn’t prioritizing Jacob, and he later witnesses her performing a coke line at Take A Vow. David is disappointed despite Leyla’s best efforts to justify herself, so he chooses to tell Liam.

Saul stabbed in Emmerdale

Intent on causing mayhem, Joseph shows up for the end-of-term party, and after a confrontation with DeMarcus in the park during which Saul steps in, things turn nasty.

Ken and Wendy reunite in Coronation Street

Wendy tells Abi about her relationship with Ken in the past, and Abi exhorts her to make atonement while pledging to “deal” with Tracy. Wendy phones at No. 1 and confronts Ken, but Tracy quickly recognizes her, and they start to argue.

Avery dies in EastEnders

Mitch is urged by Karen and Harvey to help Finlay and Felix in the wake of Avery’s passing by reminding him that they are family. As a result, he joins them to lunch at Walford East where they talk about pricey funeral arrangements. When Karen hands Mitch a note she found from Avery in The Vic, he makes an unexpected finding.

Amelia faints and drops baby Thomas in Emmerdale!

Amelia agrees to watch Thomas for Gabby, but as she is doing so, she starts to feel lightheaded and queasy. Eventually, she faints and drops the child. She tells Harriet a lie in a fit of panic, saying that Thomas fell out of his highchair.

Olivia caught out in Hollyoaks?

Regarding the brick that was thrown into their garden, the McQueens confront Olivia. Olivia’s prior blackmail is revealed after looking through her room, despite her denial that she is responsible. Prince is compelled to make choices regarding his relationship with Olivia.

Audrey is stunned by her birthday surprise in Coronation Street

When the family takes Audrey to show her their surprise after she is unimpressed by her birthday supper, Audrey learns that they have signed a rental agreement with Debbie and that Audrey is once again the owner of her former salon.

Honey is unimpressed with Jay in EastEnders

While Frankie and Lola continue to annoy Jay about Honey, Jay enjoys a night out. Jay is pretty inebriated when he arrives home late, and Honey is not impressed.

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