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Adam Thomas teases Waterloo Road reboot will be the ‘best series yet’

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Former Emmerdale star Adam Thomas will reprise his role as bad boy Donte Charles in the reboot of the popular BBC school based drama

As the first series of the next BBC school-based drama comes to a close, Adam Thomas has promised that the remake of Waterloo Road will be the “greatest series ever.”
The beloved program, which was cancelled six years ago, will make its BBC debut later this year. Former Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas will reprise his role as the bad boy Donte Charles, but this time, he will be a teacher.
The actor shared a selfie on Instagram along with a comment gushing about the new season, “Can’t believe we have done series 1 already!! What fun it’s been… I am very excited for you to see it! You’re going to enjoy this.

“Had the nicest experience thus far at work and met some incredible people. It truly means a lot to me to be back here and to play Donte Charles once more.”
Comments from his devoted followers who can’t wait to see the actor back on their televisions as well as his devoted friends and family poured in thick and fast.
Scott Thomas, a Love Island star and Scott’s brother, wrote: “Hurry up, my brother! @abigailclarke enquired: “Can’t wait when does it come out. Back doing what you do best?” @binmore11 also added: “Now that I’ve seen all 10 seasons, I really enjoyed them. Looking forward to the upcoming season!”

Along with his on-screen wife Chlo, played by Katie Griffiths, and their child Izzy, Adam left the show in 2009. Their on-screen daughter Izzy will now be portrayed by Thomas’ actual niece Scarlett Thomas, who is also resuming her role.
The 13-year-old Scarlett is the daughter of Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien of Coronation Street, and her appearance in Waterloo Road will be her first significant TV role.

The delighted uncle posted a selfie of the two of them on the set earlier this year to mark the completion of their first scene. He captioned the image, “I’m just in awe of this girl, could watch her all day every day! I am so excited for you all to witness her in action!
Teddy, Adam’s son, will play Tommy Charles, Donte’s son, in the BBC production. Teddy will also appear as a supporting actor.
Teddy applied for the position, but another child beat him to it. However, a source told The Sun that the original Tommy Charles had to leave the production, thus Teddy ended up with the job.The former Adam Barton star reportedly enjoys working with his son on his first legitimate job.

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