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Coronation Street theory: Debbie Webster arrested as dangerous plan backfires

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CORONATION STREET’S Debbie Webster is up to her eyeballs in debt and a new theory by Express.co.uk suggests she is about to follow through with a risky plan which leads to her arrest.

On Coronation Street, Debbie (played by Sue Devaney) has recently struggled with her mounting debts. According to ITV soap opera spoilers, the character will finally snap next week when she realizes she can’t afford to settle down with Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) after his injury at her hotel. Will a Debbie who is on the verge of bankruptcy falsify insurance information?

Fans of Coronation Street will recall that Ed was electrocuted while working for The Bistro.

Following the tragedy, Debbie has been attempting to earn money for Ed, and in upcoming scenes, Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) recommends she host themed nights at the Cobbles establishment.

The entrepreneur accepts and begins setting up a psychic night and a gambling night.

She receives a sour glance from Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) as she is hanging up posters promoting the festivities.

Leanne concerns that Debbie and Ronnie are simply defrauding helpless people out of their hard-earned money as they set up the cafe for the psychic night.

Later, Debbie confesses to Ronnie the severity of her financial issues and says she only has two options left: declare bankruptcy or commit an insurance fraud.

Ronnie attempts to stay upbeat and tells Debbie that a situation like that won’t arise.

But when she subsequently hears Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) admitting to the psychic that he is likewise in need, she comes up with a risky scheme.

Will she make an effort to persuade him to commit insurance fraud so they may address their financial issues together?

If he strikes her with his automobile, might she exaggerate her injuries in an effort to obtain more money?

The two can wind up in jail for fraud if their risky strategy fails.

Sue, who plays Debbie, recently discussed her troubled character’s future storyline with Digital Spy.

She stated, “She comes up with this idea, which is going to take her down the kind of road Ray Crosby would have gone down, after overhearing Ryan telling the psychic he is strapped.

Because of her extreme desperation, she has determined that committing crimes is her only option.

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