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EastEnders fans spot hidden link between BBC soap and axed drama Holby City

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Eagle-eyed fans were shocked when the recognized the new surgery set from the recently axed medical drama make an appearance on the soap

Fans of the BBC medical program Holby City and the soap opera EastEnders have discovered a striking similarity between Holby City and the Walford General Hospital set. After the set was used for some sequences in the soap, viewers were harshly reminded of the now-cancelled series. When Ben Mitchell and Kheerat Panesar visited the sexual health clinic to collect Ben’s HIV test results on last week’s program, the old hospital set that was used for those scenes was immediately recognized by keen viewers.

Fans started to notice that the facility seemed eerily familiar as the pair wandered down its hallways.

“Chance question… Is it just me, or does the Walford Sexual Health clinic resemble the old Holby set? One keen-eyed fan tweeted, “EastEnders,” while others chimed in and agreed right away.

One person said, “they’re actually using the Holby set,” while another exclaimed, “RIGHT, WHYY?? FIX HOLBY INTO THAT SET AGAIN.

Despite this, some people found solace in the Holby nod, noting that “Holby lives on in the form of Walford General.”

The BBC chose the fusion because EastEnders is shot immediately next door to the structures that originally belonged to Holby City.

An enormous uproar resulted after the 23-year cancellation of Holby City. The show received high appreciation from viewers for its ground-breaking plotlines, diversity and inclusivity, compelling character development, and emphasis on the work of the NHS.

After the show finished, the majority of the medical supplies used on the soap, including hospital beds, were given back to the NHS and refugee charity.

Eve shows up to support Suki at the inauguration of the Panesars’ new GP office on tonight’s episode, but she is let down when Suki acts coldly toward her.

When they have the chance to converse later, Eve is devastated to learn that Suki will always keep their connection a secret.
Ben is co-managed at the club by Sam, who is working to win him over.

In front of Zack and Chelsea, Ben arrives at the club with a haughty demeanor and acts like the boss.

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