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EastEnders’ James Farrar reveals heart-breaking reason he signed up for soap role after modelling career

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The EastEnders actor acknowledged giving up his modeling career to care for his ailing mother.

The first time hot chef Zack Hudson saw half-sister Sharon Watts was at the burial for their father Gavin Sullivan in 2021. The initial connection between the long-lost siblings was their shared loathing of Gavin. As his alter ego became entangled in numerous dramatic storylines, including a tumultuous relationship with Maddy Hill’s Nancy Carter, James Farrar has since become a well-known face on television. However, before he became known to BBC One fans as Zack, James was juggling his life on television with a flourishing modeling career, which he ultimately decided to give up to devote himself totally to EastEnders.

James recalled his time as a model, which required extensive travel, in an interview with TV Mag.

He remarked, “Before this job, I was a model and I flew to Milan, then to New York, then to Paris.

“I think it was a good thing that I got the EastEnders job because Summer, my little daughter, wouldn’t have been born if I was continued working the crazy hours and traveling I was doing with modeling,” she said.

Another, more tragic reason was given for James to be persuaded to play his part in the soap opera.

My mother’s cancer was one among the factors that led to my joining EastEnders.

James believed his mother was worth the cost despite the fact that his modeling profession frequently required him to travel abroad and be separated from her.

If these are my final days with her, it meant that we would spend them together rather than me traveling the world.

Thankfully, following her chemotherapy treatment, James’ mother is “smashing it.”

He said, “She’s crushing it; she has the grit of a warrior.”

She has completed her radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and all that is left is the five-year remission period.

Many soap opera viewers would be shocked to learn that James has had other roles since Zack Hudson.

He landed a role in the Square in 2011 playing a character named Brendan for one episode.

In addition, he appeared in Silent Witness, Doctors, and Call The Midwife during a one-year run as Liam Gilmore in Hollyoaks on Channel 4.

After a hectic modeling schedule, James is relieved to settle in Walford, both for his mother and his child.

The 34-year-old revealed that he and wife Ali Roff, to whom he proposed while traveling to Tuscany, welcomed their first child in November 2021, a daughter they named Summer, into the world.

The entire interview with James Farrar can be read every Saturday in TV Mag, which is only accessible with The Sun.

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