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EastEnders’ Peter Beale delivers a nasty shock after exit from soap

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Kathy is left devastated.

After a major argument with his grandma Kathy, Peter Beale of EastEnders is getting back at her.

After a dispute with his family, Peter departed the BBC soap last week, but it looks like he still has one nasty surprise in store for them.

On Monday’s episode of the program, which is already streaming on BBC iPlayer, Kathy confronts Rocky about a concerning discovery.

Nearly in tears, Kathy confesses while she is alone at the dining room table at home: “The business account has been emptied by Peter. Everything was taken by him. I used every last dime I had.”

Rocky makes an effort to console Kathy, but he is aware that in light of Peter’s cruel deed, he can offer little assistance.

In the episode airing on Tuesday, Kathy meets with a business expert to talk about a potential loan in an effort to salvage the situation.

The advisor points up Peter’s sizable withdrawal when Kathy displays the accounts and tries to sell future profits.

Kathy makes the excuse that Peter’s exit was authorized since he wanted out of the company in order to avoid any uncomfortable inquiries.

The advisor, perplexed by Kathy’s brief explanation, queries: “Simply letting him take all of your money? Then you must request payment from him.”

The advisor affirms as Kathy states that it is not feasible: “I apologize if that is the case. I am powerless to help you.”

Will Peter’s actions now have additional repercussions for Kathy?

Last Thursday’s (July 14) television broadcast featured Peter’s leaving moments as he grew impatient with Kathy’s devotion to her son Ben Mitchell.

His resignation from the program was made public in June as part of a cast reorganization overseen by Chris Clenshaw, the show’s new executive producer.

At the time, a show source told Digital Spy: “Whenever a new boss joins, there will always be significant changes, and Chris is no exception. Since January, he has been working diligently behind the scenes to change things up, which would likely entail saying goodbye to some people.

“It’s not personal to any of the cast leaving; it’s just a creative decision – that’s the nature of soap, you have to say goodbye to people for great storylines to transpire.”

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