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EastEnders Phil Mitchell actor Steve McFadden hilariously poses in never-before-seen snap alongside costars

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Former EastEnders actress Rita Simons shared the epic throwback snap with Instagram followers

Viewers of EastEnders are accustomed to seeing Phil Mitchell wander around Walford wearing a black leather jacket and a grave expression. As the alleged ruler of Walford, Phil is constantly prepared to confront anyone who inadvertently crosses his path.

It’s unusual to see Phil laughing, especially considering that the beloved soap opera character only recently got out of jail after nearly being killed. Life might be challenging at times for the hard man!

Outside of the square, however, Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell on EastEnders, couldn’t be more different from his character on the soap opera as he reveals a softer side in a flashback photo Rita Simons published on social media. The actress Roxy Mitchell published the

the amazing image to Instagram on Saturday, July 24. It has her alongside actors Natalie Cassidy, who played Sonia Jackson, Laila Morse, who played Big Mo, and McFadden, who is wearing a costume.

READ MORE: Twelve years later, Louise, the EastEnders child actor who played Phil Mitchell’s daughter, is an adult.

He sports an extremely comical ensemble that includes a gray shirt underneath a striped dressing gown, a set of artificial teeth, thick-lens glasses, and a crown on his head. His three co-stars are posing next to him as they stand.

Rita just used a series of laughing face emojis as the post’s caption. Fans of EastEnders expressed their enjoyment at the humorous picture in the comments section.

“This photo is wonderful,” one person exclaimed. Another wrote: “Haha! I adore this! “. Another simply added, “What I wouldn’t give to see this reproduced,” while a third said, “So iconic.”

From 2007 to 2017, Rita Simons portrayed Roxy Mitchell, Phil Mitchell’s cousin, on the BBC One soap opera. The blond obnoxious character was eliminated along with her sister Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) in a double-death plot line on New Year’s Day 2017.

With the exception of his brief stays in jail, Phil Mitchell moved to Walford in 1993 and has remained there ever since. After deciding to cooperate with the police after being released from prison, he now lives with Kat Slater.

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