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EastEnders’ Ricky Champ shares adorable first snap of new son and unveils ‘hippy’ name

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EastEnders star Ricky Champ and his wife Samantha have introduced fans to their adorable new baby son who was born at the end of June in a very cute video with OK! Magazine

The actor Ricky Champ, best known for his role as Stuart Highway in EastEnders, and his wife Samantha have welcomed a new son into the world.

The infant, who has been given the name River, is their second child.

River was delivered via C-section two weeks early and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.

The couple told the narrative of the extraordinary events that led to Leo’s birth in an exclusive video with OK!Magazine.

Following the advice of her doctors, Samantha had a C-section scheduled for 39 weeks, but it seemed that baby River had other ideas.

Her waters ruptured at 3 a.m. two weeks before she was scheduled to undergo the operation.

The morning of the birth, Beatrice, their other child, was ill, and they had a “quite dramatic sickbum event” as they were preparing to leave for the hospital.

Ricky stayed behind to take care of Beatrice, so Samantha ultimately traveled to the hospital by herself in a cab.

Sammy underwent an emergency C-section, but he afterwards said that it was “lowest level” and the procedure was “chilled.”

Samantha remarked, “I think that he looks like Beatrice, he’s got my hair and eyes again but your face,” when referring to the couple’s newest addition.

“When I look at him, it immediately brings back memories of having her,” she said.

Because Samantha regularly listens to the Joni Mitchell song River, they decided to give him a “hippie name” in honor of her.

Ricky also mentioned the congratulations he has received from his EastEnders cast mates.

He talked about the enormous R that Mitch Baker’s actor Roger Griffiths created for him, which is currently in River’s room and looked “fantastic.”

He claimed that his EastEnders friends had given him numerous gifts, including cards, flowers, clothing, and other items.

In his final statement, Ricky discussed the parenting advice his coworker gave him.

He claimed that Linda Carter’s actress Kelly Bright forewarned him about the differences between having two and three children.

Ricky regularly posts gorgeous pictures of his family, which includes his wife Samantha, his daughter Beatrice, and their adorable sausage dog.

On August 12, 2016, Ricky wed Samantha Gilbert, and their daughter Beatrice was born the following year.Four-year-old Beatrice, who was photographed with her father Ricky during a family outing to a farm in Essex, resembles him in the adorable images of father and daughter handling animals like bunnies.

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