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EastEnders spoilers for next week

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What’s coming up in Walford?

On the upcoming episode of EastEnders, Sam is discovered when Ben passes out, Howie’s secret is revealed, and Suki deals with new issues.

Here is a complete list of the top 14 events to be on the lookout for:

1. Ben continues to cause concern

When Kathy discovers James spent the night with Ben, she is unimpressed. They talk about their evening plans, and Kathy reminds Ben that Lexi has a dancing exam and a family dinner right after.

Despite this, Ben still arrives late for Lexi’s exam and is required to give an explanation. Ben becomes angry with Lexi when she says she misses her “old dad” out of hurt.

2. Suki gets more bad news

Suki tries to make up with Kheerat, but when they see Ben listening, things get heated.

Suki’s situation worsens when Kheerat says he will be renting number 41 and that he, Vinny, and Ash will all be leaving.

Dotty is stuck in the middle, but when Suki goes to new lengths to attempt to persuade her kids to stay, Dotty awkwardly assists with packing. As tensions rise, Kheerat deals Suki another blow by buying her out of the companies.

3. Ben collapses

Ben, who is devastated by his fight with Lexi, turns to Tez for drugs. When Sam sees this, she begs Ben to band together. Ben goes to a party to look for James against Sam’s advise but ends up being sent home after using more drugs.

Ben leaves Lexi an emotional voicemail and apologizes for being late for dinner, adding that he is on his way before collapsing.

4. Howie’s secret is revealed

Howie meets Kim after taking a call and suggests a date night so that they can discuss.

Kim guesses it’s so Howie can pop the question and chooses to gently break it off with him since she feels it’s too soon. But when Howie cancels without giving a reason, she is baffled.

Howie instead runs across a woman by the name of Delilah who begs him to tell Kim his secret.

5. Ben’s life hangs in the balance

Ben canceling his reservation for Lexi’s supper upsets her, but Callum and Jay notice something is amiss after hearing his voicemail.

When they eventually come across Ben unconscious and without a pulse, their worst fears are realized. He is taken to the hospital by paramedics, but can they save him?

6. Kim decides to propose

Kim concludes that she really want to commit to Howie after all, despite her initial doubts.

Unaware of Howie’s situation, Kim tells Denise she will pop the question to him. Howie shows up as she is getting ready, but what does he have to say?

7. Sam is caught out

Sharon immediately senses Zack is concealing something when he reports Ben’s breakdown to her.

Sharon doesn’t waste any time in telling Phil the truth after finding out that Sam knew about the drugs and had been allowing it to happen.

8. Stacey makes a decision about Kheerat

Stacey urges Kheerat to resolve matters with Suki, which irritates him. Kheerat interrupts her because he doesn’t want Arthur to overhear.

When Stacey receives the short end of the stick and notices Arthur angry, she considers divorcing Kheerat.

When Kheerat later apologizes to Arthur and realizes that he only cut off the earlier talk because he was listening, Stacey is moved.

9. Sam faces the music

Sam is on edge as Phil doesn’t return her calls and orders a guilty Zack to keep the drugs a secret. Jonah is also forewarned by her that the trade must end.

Sam finds herself in trouble as Phil heads back home as he admits he is aware of the narcotics. What does this imply?

10. The Taylors face another setback

The Taylors send Felix and Finlay off to go shopping as they get ready for Avery’s “Nine Night.”

Felix sees Kim and gives her the lipstick they were discussing earlier. However, he panics when he realizes that Kim has subsequently thrown away the bag in which the money for the shopping was originally hidden.

Brothers scramble in a panic to find the bag in the dumpsters, but it’s too late.

Back at the Taylors, Mitch raises a glass in honor of Avery, and Felix and Finlay are compelled to tell Karen they misplaced the money.

11. Suki’s problems intensify

When Suki receives a letter and is unhappy with what it says, her issues worsen. When she meets Nina and realizes Kheerat is excluding her even farther from the family, things get bad. She desperately seeks Vinny’s assistance.

Later, as Suki gets ready to present a business idea to Ranveer, he starts to get agitated and asks why Kheerat is competing with her.

Will she be able to hide by claiming that Kheerat is wanting to be independent?

12. Zack tries to make amends with Sam

Sam tries to fire Zack after finding out that he is to blame for Phil learning about the drugs.

Zack apologizes to Sam out of guilt but is shocked by what occurs next.

13. Ravi is back

Next week, Ranveer’s son Ravi, who was earlier seen in prison with Phil, makes an appearance in the Square.

Ravi presses Kheerat’s buttons by questioning his allegiance to his mother and instantly irritates Stacey by flirting with her.

While speaking with Sharon, Phil notices Ravi and gets an idea.

14. Finlay has a new plan

The Taylors’ focus shifts to Mia, who is disappointed her family can’t afford to take her to a theme park for her birthday, while they get over what happened with the money.

Finlay comes up with a plan after feeling bad about losing the money.

The Taylors’ focus shifts to Mia, who is disappointed her family can’t afford to take her to a theme park for her birthday, while they get over what happened with the money.

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