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EastEnders theory: Stuart Highway’s exit sealed as he kills Karen Taylor

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EASTENDERS’ Stuart Highway has been suffering in silence for many months with post-natal depression after the birth of his and Rainie Highway’s son, Roland. However, in a new theory from Express.co.uk, Stuart could be set to go on a rampage after Karen Taylor interferes with his diagnosis, leading to the murder and exit of both characters.

Since the birth of their son Roland, EastEnders’ Stuart and Rainie (played by Ricky Champ and Tanya Franks) have had a number of difficulties. Stuart’s stress following Roland’s birth quickly developed into postpartum depression, which he has had difficulty accepting. Roland’s birth mother Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) was the recipient of Stuart’s illogical decision to return Roland to her. Thereafter, according to future teasers, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who interferes, might be the target of his wrath.

Stuart informed Rainie that their relationship had ended in June and that she should take care of Roland on her own.

He left their house after packing his belongings, but Karen gave him a hard time in the Vic for leaving his son behind.

Stuart became angry with Karen when she questioned whether he had postpartum depression.

He remained on a bench throughout the night while Rainie and Karen attempted to speak with him. However, he was unresponsive and informed Rainie that he intended to leave.

Stuart will caution Karen to stop giving him pamphlets regarding postpartum depression in subsequent scenes.

Karen expresses her concerns for Callum’s wellbeing and urges him to make an effort to enlist the assistance of his father.

Will Stuart listen when Callum confronts him about his wellbeing in the Vic and urges him to seek the assistance he requires?

Stuart can lose his temper with Karen for meddling in his affairs and for involving Callum.

He has already struggled with addiction, so he might start to stray once more and get revenge on Karen.

Will he leave Walford without saying goodbye if he murders Karen? Could he evade detection?

As their final scenes will wrap up production in the summer, Stuart actor Ricky Champ is expected to leave the BBC serial opera at the end of the year.

“Whenever a new boss comes in, there will always be huge changes, and it’s no different with Chris,” a show insider told Digital Spy.

Since January, he has been working diligently behind the scenes to change things up, which will include letting go of some personalities.

“It’s nothing personal to any of the cast members leaving; it’s just a creative choice. For significant storylines to unfold on soaps, you have to say goodbye to individuals.

“Chris has some extremely significant tales in the works, and fans should expect to start seeing his work throughout the summer.

He is really eager to return the program to its origins and to reestablish the clans through some powerful, protracted narrative. Being a part of the performance at this time is amazing.

When it was revealed that Ricky would be departing the show as Stuart, viewers were inconsolable.

Ricky, I think EastEnders made a tremendous mistake by letting you go, man. I think you are excellent in the show. I wish you the best of luck in the future, mate, @DomStom8 said.

I’ll miss seeing you on EastEnders, said @HarrietHayes HH8. Big mistake letting you go; you’re a great actress.

“Gutted you’re leaving, EE made a major mistake,” Sophie Maywest said.

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