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Emmerdale spoilers: Kidnap twist as Dawn rescues child sleeping in dog bed

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She hesitated since Beth was a friend from Dawn’s past, which was full of dangerous men and drug addicts.

Dawn made the decision to go after speaking with Kim (Claire King), of all people. On the way, she ran across Jade, another friend who was clearly more concerned with scoring than saying goodbye to Beth.

After returning to Jade’s place, Dawn went to the kitchen to get a beer.

Jade’s home was in deplorable shape. Dawn unintentionally kicked a water bowl, which led her to a small child dozing in a dog bed. It was pitch-black and filthy.

Clemmie, the small child, had clearly been neglected as she lacked clean clothes and had messy hair.

Dawn learned that Clemmie was Beth’s daughter and had no idea that her mother had passed away.
Dawn addressed Jade in a furious manner after feeling awful for Clemmie, but the young woman seemed unconcerned in the least.

Dawn grabbed Clemmie and headed back to the village after a frightening encounter with Jade and a sketchy guy.

Fortunately, Billy (Jay Kontzle) consented to letting Clemmie stay for one night, but he felt that the wisest course of action was to contact social services.

Will Dawn, however, concur that Clemmie has to be placed in care?

Or maybe she could try to take care of her.

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