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 Emmerdale storylines airing in August

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What’s next for the villagers?

We’ve compiled some of the most significant Emmerdale storylines you can expect to see over the coming weeks as we approach the start of a new month.

With a much awaited wedding ceremony and significant issues for another couple, relationships will be in the spotlight.

1. Suzy is in trouble

While the majority of the villagers are ready to put the recent revelations of Suzy’s history behind them, Matty is not. The next week, when he incorrectly thinks he can witness Suzy carrying out a narcotics deal, his persistent desire for vengeance is further fueled.

When Matty discovers that Leyla is holding a supply of cocaine, he cruelly places them on Suzy before calling the police to have her detained. Will he be able to exact the ultimate vengeance?

2. Billy and Dawn try to extend their family

Next week, Billy and Dawn uncover a startling revelation: Clemmie, the little girl they recently tried to help, is the child of Alex, Dawn’s ex-boyfriend.

As soon as the couple learns that Clemmie and Lucas are half-siblings, they agree that they should be reared as a unit.

Billy and Dawn are able to persuade Alex that they should be the ones to care for Clemmie, but can they truly trust him given the damage he has created in the past?

3. Marlon and Rhona’s wedding

The recent booking of August 11 for Marlon and Rhona’s wedding ensures that their wedding will be one to watch out for next month.

While complete spoilers for the wedding episodes won’t be released until next Tuesday (August 2), we do know that Marlon worries everyone by passing out on his stag night, which happens just before the nuptials.
Paddy worries that Marlon might be exerting himself excessively. As the big day approaches, could this turn out to be the case?
Will Marlon be able to fulfill his dream of entering the ceremony down the aisle, or will something unexpectedly derail his continuous recovery?

4. Gabby looks for love

In recent episodes, Gabby talked about wanting some romance in her life and got Laurel’s support for her ambitions.

Gabby might be about to get more than she bargained for, albeit dating in the Dales rarely comes without its challenges. There are likely going to be a few surprises in store, since recent spoiler teases have suggested that Gabby matches with a recognizable figure on a dating app.

5. Charity and Mackenzie face new challenges

The actor who portrays Mackenzie, Lawrence Robb, recently acknowledged that he has been busy filming some larger storylines after recent lulls in production. The actor made a suggestion that after Charity’s recent pregnancy announcement, Mack and Charity’s relationship may soon encounter some new difficulties.

The next few weeks should see the completion of these scenes.

Lawrence stated to Digital Spy and additional media: “There will undoubtedly be challenging material that puts Mack and Charity to the test. It will be interesting to watch how that plays out, but I really hope they can deal with it all.”

A lot of things will soon happen that will put Mackenzie’s relationships to the test, he continued.

6. Amelia’s big story continues

As Amelia’s pregnancy tale develops in the following weeks, she is another figure to keep an eye on.

Every time the father of Amelia’s unborn child has been discussed, she has exhibited an oddly cagey demeanor. The father is a boy from the church, Amelia would only tell after eliminating Noah in this week’s shows.

Is this accurate? In either case, it appears that more information will soon become available.

7. More Naomi drama

Recently, Naomi, Charles’s long-lost daughter, made her first appearance in the community, but she claimed that she didn’t want to get close to the village vicar because it had taken him so long to get in touch with her.

Later this month, Manpreet overhears Marcus discussing the developing relationship between Ethan and Naomi. Could this start to put Charles and Ethan at odds?

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