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Emmerdale theory: Another double pregnancy rocks the village as four characters expecting

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EMMERDALE village has already been hit with two pregnancies recently but a new theory by suggests another two characters could discover they are expecting as they fall for the same man on the ITV soap.

On Emmerdale, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been feeling off lately because everyone else has been starting romances while she has been stuck holding the baby after Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) purportedly passed away last year. She will notice that she is drawn to one rural hunk in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera, but she doesn’t know who he is. He appears to be having simultaneous affairs with two women, which raises the possibility that Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) are not the only women who are pregnant. In the episodes airing the following week, Gabby starts utilizing online dating services in an effort to meet the man of her dreams.She is about to remove the applications because she hasn’t had much luck, but Chris ends up texting her and seems to be interested in Gabby. She is thrilled at the idea of meeting the mystery man when she decides to go on a date with him because she has grown fond of him. In the end, she finds out that the man she is going out with is her stepmother’s boyfriend, Thoren Ferguson, a newcomer and physiotherapy (Charlotte Bellamy). After spending the night together, Gabby is surprised to discover Laurel waiting for her in the Home Farm kitchen.

Kit arrives downstairs as Gabby escorts Laurel from the property, unaware that the other lady he is sleeping with almost caught him with her stepdaughter.
Kit enjoys playing with both Gabby and Laurel while fully aware of what he is doing because it appears that everything is going according to plan for him.
Laurel is eager to meet the man who is making Gabby smile after realizing how much the new man in her life has improved her mood.
Still unaware that there would only be three of them on the night in issue, she offers that they all go on a double date.
Later, when Kit and Laurel cross paths in the store, Kit tries to get by on lies.He explains that he will prepare food for her.

Laurel is excited at the idea of a man making an effort, but Kit needs to confront Gabby for abandoning her while he was supposed to be making her dinner.
After finishing his first meal of the evening, Kit relaxes with Laurel for a while before she advances toward him.
She proposes they go upstairs when things become hot, and they might do it before he hurries out and goes to Home Farm.
Kit eats his second meal of the evening with Gabby, and it is obvious that they get along well since they have a terrific chat.

When Laurel enters at this time, she sees the couple together. What will happen when she realizes she has been seeing her stepdaughter’s boyfriend?

It might not matter if either lady keeps dating Kit because they both might be dealing with more serious issues.
When they both take a pregnancy test, it can turn out that they are both experiencing morning sickness symptoms and that they are both pregnant.
They would assume Kit is the father of their children despite having only recently had a sexual relationship with him.
Thus, they would become pregnant alongside Amelia and Charity.Lucy’s Club But will either woman wish to carry the child to term?

Given that both of Amelia and Charity’s pregnancies were unexpected, there is currently a lot of doubt over their respective storylines.

Charity doesn’t seem to be entirely on board with Charity’s pregnancy, but Amelia is being secretive about the identity of the man who made her pregnant.
The person who appears to have persuaded her to give birth to her fifth child is Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb).
It appears like a whole new generation of children may be born over the course of the following six to eight months with the addition of two more pregnancies.
Before the year is up, executive producer Jane Hudson hinted that there might be at least one new arrival.

There will be a new baby arriving in Emmerdale before the year is out, the soap opera’s executive producer promised Express.co.uk and other media. There are so many female characters on the program that I don’t think that reveals anything, but there will be a newcomer before the year is up.
“Undoubtedly, a baby will be born during the anniversary month. There will be one of those events because babies in soap operas are either born during program celebrations or during the Christmas season.”
Will Laurel and Gabby’s names be included on the lengthy list?

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