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Emmerdale theory: Suzy Merton’s exit storyline unveiled as Matty Barton takes revenge

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EMMERDALE’S public enemy number one Suzy Merton has left half of the village furious now her secrets have been exposed but a new theory by suggests her last chapter could soon air on the ITV soap.

With her friendship with Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) and her relationship with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) ending, Suzy’s (played by Martelle Edinborough) connection to the late Holly Barton (Sophie Powles) has shocked Emmerdale. Ash Palmisciano’s character, Matty Barton, made a contract with his uncle, Mackenzie Boyd, to exact revenge on the person who paid for the drugs that murdered his sister by giving her money (Lawrence Robb). Nevertheless, it appears he moves forward with the plan without Moira Barton’s (Natalie J. Robb) brother because he sees a chance to get rid of Suzy in the upcoming ITV soap opera episode.

As Callum, the heroin dealer of Leyla’s former buddy, pays her a visit, the drama resulting from Suzy’s secret continues.

He shows up at the Take A Vow office and offers the businesswoman cash in exchange for storing his drugs nearby.
Leyla decides to take the position despite knowing it’s not the proper move because the company is now having trouble.
The mother of one is already uneasy the next morning, but when Callum shows up with a far bigger luggage than Leyla anticipated, her worries grow even more.Her intellect and her heart are telling her different things, so she is unsure about what to do when the drug dealer ends up handing her some more money.

Later that week, Suzy is shocked to find her heroin dealer outside the Take A Vow office and inquires with him about his current dealings with Leyla.

Unfortunately, Matty misinterprets the situation as he listens to the two characters chatting, thinking Suzy is purchasing cocaine in a drug trade.
Suzy questions Leyla about whether she is back on the cocaine, but she lies through her teeth and claims she is drug-free while Matty jumps to the incorrect conclusions.
When they both leave, Matty checks inside the office and discovers the holdall of pills that he believes Suzy has taken.He grabs the bag and flees from the situation since he is unsure what to do at the time, but the next day he has a plan.

He hides the holdall of cocaine in the back of the professional woman’s car because he needs Suzy to accept responsibility for what she done.

He’s doing this while Rhona Goskirk’s (Zo Henry) hen party is getting started at The Hide.

Suzy leaves after Matty tells her what he really thinks of her after becoming enraged to see her there.

Matty phones the police and states there is a significant amount of narcotics in the car as she gets in and drives off.

Leyla no longer has control over the pills, and Callum warns her that if she doesn’t give them back, he won’t be held accountable for his actions.

However, if the authorities do manage to capture Suzy as a result of Matty’s tip-off, she might not be able to obtain the drugs.

Suzy may face drug dealing charges if the police decide to detain her despite her protestations that the drugs are not hers.

She might wind up doing a significant amount of time in prison as a result, as Matty’s plan of retaliation will appear to have been successful.

Suzy gets sentenced to prison for a crime she didn’t commit, so may this spell the end of her days in the community?

The Matty portrayer, Ash, has talked about the need for vengeance and how it would affect Matty moving forward.

Ash spoke about the purpose of seeking retribution and said: “He wants to stop her from harming her sister’s sister in the community again.

“Since Matty is a kind person who doesn’t act vindictively and who believes he has a strong moral code, he feels compelled to stop her from what she has been doing.

He genuinely thinks it’s best for everyone and that it will prevent more deaths in the future.

He genuinely thinks she is a terrible person who doesn’t care about children. He is not thrilled with her drug dealing, and he wants to stop it, especially on his property. He desires to put an end to it.
The actor responded, “Definitely, he wants her to go to prison to pay for what she’s done,” when asked whether the intention is for Suzy to serve time in jail.He went on to say, “Not just to revenge his sister, but to all the other people who are supposedly under her influence. He is of the opinion that Suzy is bad and exploits Leyla as well. Because of what she did, he wants her to serve time in prison. Additionally, he must cope with his hurt and shame in order to stop feeling awful about not being there for Holly at the time. Will Matty’s plan succeed, and after only a few months of living in the village, may this really be Suzy’s only chance?

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