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Every EastEnders star rumoured to be leaving the BBC One soap this year

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Walford residents appear to be undergoing a transformation as a number of characters are set to leave the soap

Numerous actors and actresses have come and gone from Walford during the course of its 37-year history. And since a significant cast change for EastEnders is anticipated for 2022, things won’t change then either.

After appearing in a cameo during a video call earlier this week, Shane Richie has been given the go-ahead to reprise his role as Alfie Moon in the fall. Legendary soap opera star Laila Morse will also make a brief return at Big Mo Harris later this year in an unspecified storyline.

The BBC One soap’s viewers were likewise on edge when Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) appeared to be killed, but he escaped death once more and is now safe and sound, so we can all relax! All of the soap opera’s developments occur as Chris Clenshaw, a new boss, hires and fires employees in what appears to be a character overhaul. So let’s look at every EastEnders actor who is allegedly leaving this year.

Ricky Champ – Stuart Highway

Stuart’s life in Albert Square hasn’t exactly been simple because he’s been at the center of so many intense plotlines. He is currently battling breast cancer but initially turned down medical attention out of fear of being addicted to painkillers.

Stuart is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but since the birth of his son Roland, he has struggled to form a close bond with him due to postnatal depression.

Stuart’s wife Rainie Highway (Tanya Franks) left Walford with their son Roland because he was no longer able to handle fatherhood. After four years on EastEnders, Ricky Champ is anticipated to leave the show in a startling way, though his exit plot is a secret.

Dayle Hudson – Peter Beale

Many of his stories center on his erratic love life and challenging relationship with half-brother Bobby Beale after he murdered his sister Lucy. He returns to Walford in 2020 as the eighth actor to play Peter.

Ben Mitchell, Peter’s uncle, recently attacked Peter, despite Kathy Beale’s best efforts to mediate their differences. Additionally, he has begun seeing Bobby’s ex-girlfriend Dana Monroe.Actor Dayle Hudson reportedly departed the soap after Chris Clenshaw wrote her out of the show.

Barbara Smith – Dana Monroe

Dana Monroe is about to leave Albert Square as well. She debuted in April 2021 as a guest character but quickly gained popularity as her bond with Bobby Beale deepened. Then, her brother Aaron and father Harvey were introduced. When discussing her departure with Digital Spy, Barbara disclosed: “I’m ecstatic right now. I believe that Dana is receiving the proper send-off that she merits. She should probably start spreading her wings, in my opinion.”

Danielle Harold – Lola Pearce

The announcement that actress Danielle Harold had been fired from EastEnders as her character and would be leaving later this year was not warmly received by the show’s viewers. The Sun claims that in the future plot, Lola will fall in love again with her ex-boyfriend Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) before her disease progresses and he has to take care of her till her terrible demise.

The heartbreaking moments are expected to leave viewers “in pieces,” and soap opera executives have been collaborating with a brain tumor charity to approach the topic with “grace and compassion.” As Billy Mitchell’s long-lost granddaughter, Lola had her Square debut in 2011. Since then, she has been a part of several significant storylines, including being pregnant with her daughter Lexi at the age of 15.

She subsequently left in 2015 but came back in 2019 and has been a regular on the show ever since.

Danny Dyer – Mick Carter

Following Danny Dyer’s announcement that he was leaving the soap opera after eight years, the Queen Vic landlord and beloved by the public, Mick, will depart Walford later this year. Mick recently ended his marriage to Linda and started dating cunning Janine Butcher. On their podcast Sorted with the Dyers, Danny spoke with his daughter Dani and said: “Let me tell you something: Mick’s departure will be an extremely, extraordinarily powerful event. I want the door to stay open, and from what I can tell, it is.” Who knows, then. Will you take me back if I try out there and fail miserably? I may ask when I come back with my tail between my knees.”

Added him: “The important news is that I have decided not to

not to extend my agreement.

“Just that. That’s not because I’ve had a disagreement with anyone; I genuinely love everyone. For me, that job has been fantastic. It plays a significant role in television. I’m appreciative of the lovely years I spent there. The people will be much missed by me. I’m taking a chance.” During the same chat, the actor also disputed rumors that he had agreed to a million-pound contract with Sky.

Jada Lennox – Kelsey Calladine-Smith

Alyssa’s grandmother Sharon Watts’ granddaughter Jada moved in with her last year, and the two have been residing on Albert Square ever since.

Despite having found a family in Sharon, her brother Zack Hudson, and Martin Fowler, Jada will soon leave Walford as it is said that producer Chris Clenshaw has written actress Kelsey Calladine-Smith out of the soap.

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