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Lawrence Robb age: How old is Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd star?

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LAWRENCE ROBB has made waves as his character on Emmerdale over the past two years and as his alter-ego prepares to become a father on the ITV soap, just how old is the actor? has everything you need to know.

Lawrence is most remembered for his role as Mackenzie Boyd on Emmerdale, where he played Moira Barton’s younger brother and Charity Dingle’s partner (Emma Atkins). Although the character initially debuted in the fall of 2020 as somewhat of a villain, he has since softened and evolved into a man who is prepared to assume the duties of being a father. The actor’s life is significantly different outside of the ITV soap opera, and it appears that he had a significant birthday last year.

How old is Emmerdale star Lawrence Robb?

In the Emmerdale universe, Lawrence’s character is getting closer to being in his mid- to late-30s, but it appears that he is a little bit younger than his alter ego.
The soap actor, who was actually born in 1991, celebrated his milestone birthday with friends and family last autumn. He is truly 30 years old.
The actor’s birthday hasn’t been celebrated on a certain date, and he doesn’t frequently update his social media accounts on how he’s doing.
This indicates that he was 28 years old when he joined the cast of the weeknight serial drama back in 2020, making him a little older than his co-stars.
Many of the present cast members joined the program when they were in their teen years over the years.

The soap opera actor spent the majority of his childhood in Kilmacolm, which is 45 minutes away from Glasgow, where he was born and reared.
Before winning his first television role in the drama series I Hate Suzie, opposite Billie Piper, Lawrence received training in musical theater.
Since this aired in the summer of 2020, some Emmerdale viewers may have already heard of Lawrence at this time.
However, once he had completed his musical theatre course, acting was not the direction he had originally intended to take.
Prior to landing his two breakthrough roles in television series, the soap star actually planned to pursue a career as a professional singer.

He revealed in an interview with OK! Magazine that: “I suppose my initial plan was to pursue a career as a singer. I have some vocal training and studied musical theater.
“I would find a lot of inspiration in music overall. Up until now, I’ve accepted whatever job that came along. I’ve followed that path whether it was in musical theater, acting, or television.”
Lawrence had other aspirations as well while growing up; at one point, it appeared that he wanted to fly.
The actor wrote on Instagram in front of his 28,200 followers about how he was attracted by flying as a boy.

Lawrence went on “Last week, I realized a childhood fantasy. Since I could remember, I’ve wanted to be able to both ride in and pilot a helicopter. On Saturday, I engaged in both. It was “ACE” as well. Thank you for making it a reality, @joannethomson22 @adventure 001_ @helicentrenl @virginexperiencedays,” he continued.
On Emmerdale, he continues to play Mackenzie, and it appears that the character’s popularity is rising daily as he and Charity get closer.
I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on between Charity and Mackenzie, the actor stated in reference to the characters’ romance.
This applies to them as well because of how wonderfully unstable their relationship is and how quickly it might change. But you already know the saying.

The least narcissistic performer he had ever worked with, he continued, “Emma has been wonderful, always brings her A-game.”

Shooting with her is a fun because “we bounce off of each other extremely well, constantly advising each other how we might attempt the sequence differently,” he told Metro.co.uk.

Him recently learned that his girlfriend was expecting, so it appears that he and Charity will soon be in a difficult situation.
Although she was prepared to have the pregnancy terminated, he was considering starting a family, and the future appeared promising to him.
To become a legitimate family in the hamlet, it will be up to him to try to alter his girlfriend’s thinking.
Viewers have been discussing Lawrence’s character becoming the father of Charity’s fifth kid on Twitter.
In her tweet, Charlotte expressed her hope that Charity would be honest with Mackenzie: “I genuinely think Mackenzie would make a good dad given the chance #Emmerdale.”
Using social media, TheRealDeclanKincaid wrote: “I feel for Mackenzie, I think he would be

a decent dad in Emmerdale.

Amelia said, “I think he will want the baby and she doesn’t, so this could be the end of Charity and Mackenzie. #Emmerdale.”
Wow, what a turn. Unexpectedly, Charity is pregnant for Mackenzie. Jamal said, “#Emmerdale.

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