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Letitia Dean weight loss: TV star stopped ‘extreme dieting’ and lost 2st- ‘was incredible’

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EASTENDERS icon Letitia Dean stunned fans with her amazing weight loss transformation when she returned to the BBC soap earlier this year. And it turns out, she reached her goals by stopping extreme dieting.

Letitia Dean’s physical appearance on the set of the well-known BBC1 soap opera EastEnders was more than enough to pique fans’ interest. The Sharon Watts star, who has been dubbed a “thin queen,” went from 10st 4lbs to 8st 3lbs and dropped an astounding four dress sizes in just four months, all thanks to breaking old habits.

Her weight has changed over the years since she first appeared on the show in 1985, but the actress finally made the decision that enough was enough.

Before, she claimed to have attempted every fad diet available, including the Atkins diet, the cabbage soup diet, and a “very awful eggs-only diet.”

She competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2007 in an effort to lose weight.

She admitted on the EastEnders spin-off series Secrets from the Square that the main reason she “joined up” was because she “wanted to do something about her physique.”

I was so tired of excessive dieting and fluctuating weight.

Because they don’t address the issues that contribute to weight gain, fad diets have a reputation for being unhealthy.

Additionally, they could result in dietary deficits, which might result in further health issues.

These include concerns with the metabolism, adversely affecting hormonal health, and mental health problems.

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