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Liam Fox wife: Who is Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer star married to?

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LIAM FOX has spent the best part of a decade playing a beloved Emmerdale resident and has not had the best luck when it comes to love on the ITV soap but it seems things are very different for him off-screen. But who is he married to?

Liam is most remembered for his role as Dan Spencer on Emmerdale, where he played Chas Dingle’s ex-husband and Amelia Spencer’s uncle, played by Daisy Campbell and Lucy Pargeter (Laura Norton). The actor hasn’t appeared on the ITV soap opera very much recently, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been at the center of several significant plots over the years. Despite having previously been divorced, the soap star is now happily wedded, and Express.co.uk has all the information you need to know about his spouse.

Who is Emmerdale star Liam Fox married to?

The actor is married to Joanna Hudson, a former co-star who appeared on the primetime serial drama in 2018 for a brief time as Ross Barton’s (Michael Parr) doctor after the character was attacked with acid.

The actress has appeared in a lot of short films throughout the years, and in the movie The Bromley Boys, she also portrayed a waitress.

Since she and her husband were married in 2020, just before the pandemic forced marriages to be postponed indefinitely, she now goes by the double-barreled last name of Hudson-Fox.

After three years of a beautiful courtship, the couple said “I do” at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

They reconnected in 2017, however their initial encounter took place in 1993 while they were both studying for their caregivers at Salford University.

Despite the fact that they were longtime friends, it wasn’t until Liam’s divorce that they realized they had a romantic chemistry.

Liam remarked of their special day: “I’m chuffed. It was everything I’d dreamed for and more. At 2.50 a.m., Jojo and I were the last ones to leave the dance floor.

When we arrived at the after-party, Joanna said, “I was drinking an alcohol-free gin so I could just take in the day, but then I had some prosecco.”

Joanna recalled her wedding day after overcoming a cancerous tumor a few years before, saying, “My best friend Susannah escorted me down the aisle since she looked after me when I was ill.The ceremony’s singing by Gemma, [Liam’s stepdaughter] was my most touching memory.

“It made me emotional,” Liam continued. She is my daughter even if she is my stepdaughter. Fortunately, Nicole and I didn’t have a messy divorce, so it hasn’t harmed our relationship.

Even my former mother-in-law attended the wedding! Nicole would have also been there if she wasn’t on tour, he said.

Liam told OK! Magazine that even though they had been dating for a long time, they had only recently exchanged vows. “It did feel like a long time coming,” he added.

It might seem a little hurried to some people that we got married right after getting engaged last April, but it just seemed like it was meant to be.
If we had gotten together back then, we might have had 15 children by now.

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