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Susan and Karl Kennedy decide to leave Ramsay Street as new life begins

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NEIGHBOURS stalwarts Susan and Karl Kennedy have been the pinnacles of the Ramsay Street community for almost as long as the Channel 5 soap has been on air. However, a new theory by suggests this could all change in the show’s finale.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s Neighbours episode, Susan (played by Jackie Woodburne) and Karl (played by Alan Fletcher) were shocked to learn that all of their friends were leaving Ramsay Street. There appeared to be no one left after the Robinsons moved to New York, Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) moved to River Bend, Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) sold, and the Rodwells also moved on. This Friday, the final episode of the Channel 5 soap opera will be shown. Since it seems like everyone is moving on, it’s possible that every single character—including the Kennedys—may go for better things.

When Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) returned to Ramsay Street after visiting her family in Adelaide, she served as the catalyst for the exodus.

It didn’t take long for everyone else to turn to Paige Brennan (Olympia Valance) to assist them with their sales once Number 24 hit the market.

Sadly, no one informed Susan and Karl of their choices, which made it more difficult for them to consider residing on Ramsay Street with strangers.

The Kennedys have made friends and enemies with numerous families since their debut, but they always assumed the Rebecchis and the Robinsons would remain.

They might consider this as they decide whether to move out from Erinsborough to live with their children.

The couple’s issues aren’t with their son, Malcolm Kennedy (Benjamin McNair), who recently told them he was moving to Ramsay Street; rather, it’s with his new girlfriend, Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte).
They were concerned that the woman who often came close to ending their marriage would be moving in next door.
This may therefore encourage them to see their other children who are located in other regions of Australia and the world.
They could choose to move there to start a new chapter of their lives after learning a house was for sale while traveling.They have many ghosts from their past, which has caused them more than enough heartache over the years, despite having happy recollections of Ramsay Street.

Will they live happily ever after, or are they going to depart from Erinsborough?

Jackie, the actress who plays Susan, has opened out about the end of the series and her feelings while filming the finale.
Jackie stated: “I’ve been through so much and lived with her for such a long time. I feel as though I have been her protector, watching over her as she has gone about her life.” I made character changes to keep her within the confines of what the audience expected her to be and what was accurate in an effort to maintain her authenticity.
The soap actress went on to say in an interview with Radio Times, having now become the longest-running female cast member of the program, “And now I really miss her.”

The actress said, “For me personally, obviously, it’s been the biggest piece of my professional life,” when asked what Neighbours means to her.

“I’ve developed relationships with folks that are quite particular. I have never had a relationship like the one I have with [Alan Fletcher]; it is totally different from everything else in my life. Although it is a business connection, it is no less valued since it is special. In the long run, I believe it will be a great loss to not just be able to tell stories that are distinctly Australian but also stories that are universal. I’ll be really sad to lose the ability to communicate those relatable Australian stories to a global audience. When asked if she could remember her first day on set, Jackie responded as follows:

“I can still clearly recall the first day since it was such a lightning in a bottle day.

“Only one scene was filmed. It took place on Ramsay Street. The family was relocating. Since we had never met before, it was our first time being together as a group.” There was an immediate click “This quick rapport-building and joking. We used the connection that was being made between everyone in the situation.
“I think we looked and felt like a family from day one, which is so hard to achieve when you’re working with strangers,” the author says.

“But for some reason, all five of us understood it. Instantly, we felt a connection. Every single day we worked together, that was accurate “Jackie went on.

The Kennedys on Ramsay Street might have reached their breaking point, and there would be no possibility for them to return in the future.
According to rumors, if a network decided to bring the show back in the future, it might feature an entirely new cast of characters.
Without Susan and Karl paving the way, will Ramsay Street ever be the same?

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